Posted by: sureviewbdfarm | November 18, 2012

Trees For Life Distribution Day!

Today we were excited to go down to the Willunga Distribution centre to pick up all our materials and supplies to grow this years seedlings as part of our Trees For Life Scheme.

Over the next few months we will be planting the seeds which will eventually grow to be the seedlings that will become part of the woodland around SureView Farm.

This year we have picked up the following seed packs;

  • Gold-Dust Wattle   (Acacia Acinacea)
  • Coastal Umbrella Bush   (Acacia Cupularis)
  • Myrtle Wattle   (Acacia Myrtifolia)
  • Vanilla Lily    (Arthropodium Strictum)
  • Narrow Leaved Bitter Pea    (Daviesia Leptophylla)
  • Rouch-Barked Manna Gum    (Eucalyptus Viminalis Cygnetensis)
  • Native Lilac    (Hardenbergia Violacea)
  • Prickly Tea-Tree    (Leptospermum Continental)
  • Dryland Tea-Tree    (Melaleuca Lanceolata)
  • Large Leaved Bush-Pea    (Pultenaea Daphnoids)
  • Golden Spray    (Viminaria Juncea)
  • Fuzzy Daisy    (Vittadinia Cuneata)
  • Yakka/grass Tree    (Xanthorrhoea Semiplana)

We should have enough seed and the materials to produce 1000 seedlings.

All of the seedlings we have picked up are native to this area and will be used not only around the farm but as part of our roadside revegitation scheme as well.


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