Solar Powered Water Pump

We have a water course running through the lowest part of our property which is a great resource for our farm. Unfortunately at the moment we are not utilising this which we are entitled to do so one of our main projects we are concentrating on at the moment is putting in a system to allow us to do allow us to move the water to other parts of SureView Farm.

We are looking at installing a water pump in a damed section of the water course. This will be powered by solar panels and enable us to pump water up to the highest point of our property, our soon to be camping area! From here the aim is for us to be able to then gravity feed this water supply to any other area of the farm we require.

The water course flows all year round even in our driest months and so we hope that will supplement our existing water supply from our rainwater tanks. We currently collect and store enough water to see us through our dry summers but we hope the extra water will ensure our dams at the top of our property don’t go dry providing us water if we get a prolonged summer period and keep our geese happy!

You can read more about our progress on this project on our blog.

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