Reiki – Simply

Rei – universal, Ki – Life Forse. Pronounced Ray-key, is simple and pure and can be practiced by anyone at any time. All you need to channel reiki is a series of attunements. The attunements received open the energy centres of chakras to receive and transmit universal energy. When you give reiki it fills you up first then follows to the recipient, so as you give, so you receive. With the intention to heal reiki can be used on anything with a living energy field, pets and plants especially love it. There are many benefits from practicing reiki, it eases pain and discomfort, promotes vitality and healing, reduces stress, promotes relaxation and a sense of peace and well being. It complements medical and all other forms of healing. Many find reiki opens the inner doorways to higher consciousness. Those expanding and amplifying psychic, creative and challenging abilities. Although reiki dates back to a time for atlantis, it was Dr Usui who rediscovered it and received the ability to pass it on to others in the 1800s.

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