Reiki Workshops

Workshop Level One is the introduction to this form of healing and is very powerful yet extremely gentle. You will learn how to treat yourself and others.  Workshop level one is $175.00.

Workshop Level Two Your Reiki energy is magnified, you are attuned and taught three sacred symbols. Some of their uses you learn are how to send healing to a person, place or situation, anywhere, anytime, past, present or future (Distant healing) manifestation techniques, house clearing and much more. Workshop level two is $200.00.

Masters/Teachers Workshops are available and are usually run on a regular basis.

Both workshops one and two are one day in length and you will receive a practitioners certificate.

Two day residential workshops are also available. Please contact us for more information and pricing.

I have been practicing reiki since 1997. I teach small groups in a caring and supportive space at SureView. I have years of hands on experience, studies and facilitating natural land management workshops. Caring for the land and our animals naturally, using herbs, homoeopathy, energy essences, colloidal silver, reiki and more.

For more information please contact Angie.

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